Andrew Kinsman`s Poker On The Internet: Tips On The Best Online Poker Sites

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One Of Many Recent Books Written Specifically About Online Poker And The Best Poker Sites, Andrew Kinsman`s Is A Good Beginner Book.

Let`s get this out the way to start with. I found Kinsman`s book beneath me, a lot of the pages were like "duh". However, I have played thousands of hands of poker on the internet, and read dozens of poker books, so this isn`t surprising. In fact, it`s a good thing, because it means that he is explaining things I am very familiar with in ways that make sense.

Kinsman`s book is very much a guide to moving from kitchen table poker to playing on the internet, rather than an actual guide on how to play. He covers the technical basics, like differences between online and live play, and more advanced things how to select good games based on lobby stats and how exactly the software works. Pretty much any question I`ve ever had about online poker (and some I haven`t) were answered.

His poker site reviews are a little out-dated, even just a year after publishing (which probably means 2 years after writing). But that`s the way of the internet, plus you have our site to see you right. ;)

Overall, my impression of this book was that it was a little too basic, that even a beginner would grow out of the book fairly quickly. However, it`s been a while since I was a beginner, and I was very familiar with computers even back then. I will give the book to an actual beginner, and see how it helps them make the transition to online poker. For now, I`m giving it a qualified reccomendation if you`re new to online poker.

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