Doyle Brunson`s Super/System 2 For The Best Poker Sites

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Doyle Brunson (And Friends) Update The Poker Bible (Super/System I) For The Best Poker Sites

The original Super/System is widely referred to by poker players as "the Bible". They`re not really joking either. It covered all the major poker games with chapters written by the best players of the era. Super System Two (SS2) is also a collection of big name players writing about one game each. It was eagerly anticipated by pretty much every serious poker player.

People poker bonus are not quite sure whether SS2 is a replacement for SS1, a compainion volume, or just an updated edition. I would say it definately works as a stand alone book, but large parts of the original Super System cover concepts (and even entire games) not covered in SS2. If you`re only going to get one, get SS2, but if you can find a package deal, or a cheap copy, the original is well worth its price as well.

For example, David Sklansky provided perhaps the best mathematical treatment of Stud High/Low in the original, Todd Brunson offers an equally good, but much more practical and psychological treatement of the game in SS2.

Brunson himself (re)wrote the NL Holdem section. This was the section of the original book that did most to give it, and him, legendary status. He is a much better writer than Sklansky or Malmuth, as well as providing a different perspective on how to play. This section hasn`t changed much from SS1, but fans would argue it didn`t need to.

Jennifer Harmon`s Limit Holdem section is competing with a shelf full of Limit Holdem books but it still manages to introduce new twists on existing concepts. It`s not a total must read (like the absolute best holdem books are) but it is definately on a should-read list. That what is little more than a long chapter can compete with entire books (and be better than many) should give you an idea of its quality.

In the case of some other games (especially Omaha and Triple Draw Lowball), Super System 2 is the best book on the market. Even if you don`t play these games, and have no intention of doing so, the chapters are worth reading to get an insight into the thought processes of champion players.

As is usually the case with massive and much-anticipated, books, some parts disappoint. There`s a bit too much filler, especially the infomercial for Doyle`s online poker site, but there`s also a bit too much ego-stroking too.

However, you are essentially getting this filler for free. For the price of one book, you are getting an expert course in just about every game that is played today. Good luck finding

So, Super System 2 might not be the groundbreaking No Limit Holdem Bible that the first one was. However, it is still very good value, especially if you want to broaden your poker horizons.

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