Lee Jones` Winning Low Limit Holdem On The Best Poker Sites

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Jesus Doesn`t Want You To Read This Book On The Best Poker Sites!

On the cover of this book, Chris "Jesus" Ferguson is quoted as saying "Don`t read this book! If everyone followed the instructions in this book I`d have to find a new line of work. P.S. If you see a long haired homeless guy sleeping on a park bench, please give him a dollar."

This is a little bit of an exaggeration. Jesus has a piece of Full Tilt Poker, does quite well in tournaments (he won the 2000 World Series, among other major events), and could probably not work another day in his life and still live better than most of us. But the sentiment is right - this is a very solid book.

Lee Jones hasn`t done too badly for himself either - along with playing winning poker for 20 years and writing a book that has cracked Amazon`s top 100 sellers list, he`s also the card room manager at a little place called Poker Stars.

Jones is a very good author, he has some of the easiest to read poker writing that I`ve seen. Basically, he has taken the high-powered complicated concepts that great players use and broken them down into bite sized chunks.

The book is a little bit simple and not theoretical enough for my tastes, but I already had a fairly solid grounding in the basics of winning poker when I read it. Even so, Jones phrased some things in a way that was easier to understand and remember and apply, and offered a fresh perspective on some parts of my game that I had let slip.

This is very much a Low Limit book, it`s designed to teach you how to extract the maximum from the various types of bad players who play in the little games (as opposed to the "big games" like the legendary 4,000-8,000 game in Vegas). But that`s fine, three out of four (or more) poker games out there these days can be classified as low limit (despite what you see on TV).

If you`re not a winning player and want to become one, this is the book for you. If you are a winning player and want to win more, Small Stakes Holdem or Theory of Poker might be better - although this book is still surprisingly useful.

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