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DD Tournament Poker Is A Good Way Of Practicing For Multitable Tournaments On The Best Poker Sites

I`d say DD Tournament Poker is the best home tournament software on the market today. It is a lot more serious than some of the other practise software, which is good.

DDTP has a number of options, some good (skip to the end of hands when you fold), some not so good (rabbit hunt the community cards that would have come out after you folded - if you made the right decision, then it doesn`t matter what the cards would have been, chaos theory says it wouldn`t have been those cards anyway if you had stayed in, well maybe).

Anyway, the interface looks pretty good. It`s a top down view, a lot like most online poker rooms. It looks better than many, which is a little depressing. The game can be controlled by keyboard (although since it`s more difficult to do that with Internet Poker, I don`t use it).

It`s very much a no frills package, no cartoon graphics, no virtual drinks, nothing like that. It`s also a bit lacking on the strategy tips front (althoughh it does calculate pot odds for you, which is a nice help). The AI comes in three levels (clown, ok, tough) but there doesn`t seem to be a way to play against a mix (an important thing in tournament poker is trying to pick fights with bad players and avoid confronting good ones).

DD Tournament Poker also includes tournament management software, so you can run a home tournament with 1/10th of the usual hassle about organising and increasing blind levels, figuring out a good payout structure, and all that little stuff.

Overall, DD Tournament Poker is a decent way of getting multitable experience against quite tough opponents without losing a lot of buyins. For the price of one or two buyins for quite low level multis on the internet, you can play dozens of tournaments, and in far less time than it would take you to play them in real life, even if you had the money, and you can play them against tougher opponents. This software is by no means perfect, but it`s pretty good for the price, and the role it will play in your development as a tournament player.

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